Florida Emergency

FL Emergency is a resource to help you find the emergency service you need.

If you are in danger call 911 or other appropriate local agencies, otherwise, we have the emergency service you require.

Florida's unique beauty comes with its own set of challenges. Being prepared for emergencies is a key part of living here. The state works hard to keep residents informed and safe. FloridaDisaster.org provides a central hub for hurricane preparedness guides and recovery information. Additionally, the State Assistance Information Line (1-800-342-3557) can be a helpful resource during emergencies.

Of course, emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. While hurricanes are a major concern, don't forget about unexpected situations at home. A clogged drain or burst pipe can quickly turn into a major headache. Knowing how to shut off your water supply and having a plumber on speed dial can minimize damage. Electrical issues pose another threat. If you're uncomfortable tackling electrical problems yourself, call a qualified electrician to avoid serious injury. Water damage, from a leaky roof to a malfunctioning appliance, can also be devastating. Having a plan to mitigate water damage and knowing when to call in a restoration service can save you time, money, and stress. Even our furry friends can face emergencies. Knowing the location of the nearest 24-hour vet can provide peace of mind. By being prepared for a variety of emergencies, you can keep yourself, your home, and your loved ones safe in Florida's paradise.

FL Emergency lists some common emergency services in Florida, including emergency water damage restoration, plumbing, glass repair, veterinarian services, and more. At FL Emergency we hope to be able to help you find a quick solution to your emergency.

Florida Emergency Numbers

For a list of phone numbers for your particular emergency, check the tabs above to match the category your need. Keep in mind that while we list some of the phone numbers, we do not have every local service listed and you may need to check alternate sources.

Some information on this site may become outdated or may be inaccurate, in addition, please keep in mind that not all emergency services are available 24 hours a day. Also, some may have changed their hours or no longer offer immediate emergency services. Here are a list of some of the services we have listed to help you find a Florida Emergency Number.

  • Florida Emergency Water Damage Restoration
  • Florida Emergency Fire Damage Restoration
  • Florida Emergency Plumbing
  • Florida Emergency Septic
  • Florida Emergency HVAC
  • Florida Emergency Pool Service
  • Florida Emergency Roof Repairs
  • Florida Emergency Electrical Work
  • Florida Emergency Medical Care
  • Florida Emergency Medical Transport
  • Florida Emergency Dental Care
  • Florida Emergency Tooth Extraction
  • Florida Emergency Glass Repair
  • Florida Emergency Veterinarian
  • Florida Emergency Animal Hospital

Emergency preparedness is something that all families should think about. The time to think about emergency preparedness is BEFORE an emergency.

The time you save by being prepared could save a life. It's always best to have a list of common Florida emergency services on hand before an emergency than having to search for them during an emergency.


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